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Miranda: E-Declaration System Was Not Hacked

Friday, 19 August 2016, 20:08

The company that developed software for the e-declaration system claims that the screenshots demonstrated at a press conference by MPs Ivan Vinnyk and Anton Gerashchenko didn’t prove the system had been hacked. This was reported on Facebook by Miranda developer Mykhailo Kavun and shared by the company CFO Yuriy Novikov.

"It’s not a hack, it’s a sham. The system was on a trial run allowing for testing keys of the digital signature," Kavun stressed. On September 1, the system will automatically switch to full-scale operation, and such a possibility will be blocked, he added.

"To hack the algorithm is as easy as pie – they received a testing key and submitted the fake declaration of [Ruslan] Riaboshapka. But starting from September 1, testing keys won’t be generated anymore."


The trial proves that indeed, anyone can enter any information about any person to the system, because the keys are freely generated while the system is on trial run.

It was reported earlier that a fake declaration of the NAZK member Ruslan Riaboshapka was uploaded to the system with test material showing that he had received ₴20 million from a fictional private company.

Source: European Pravda