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McDonald's gives away food, and KFC opens its kitchens for the military needs

Sunday, 27 February 2022, 20:25

SUNDAY, 27 February 2022, 21:00

McDonald's Ukraine has decided to provide food from its restaurants for the needs of Ukrainians during martial law. KFC has opened kitchens to cook for hospitals, military and territorial defence forces.

Both chains announced that on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.


"Our restaurants are closed for safety reasons, however, those located in the areas that are currently safe (as far as it’s possible) for our employees provide food to local communities. Local authorities take the products and distribute them where they are most needed," the statement by McDonald's Ukraine said.

McDonald's says they supply products that do not require cooking: rolls, donuts, desserts, cheese, milk, water, juices, tomatoes, apple slices, as well as eggs, cups, forks, spoons, mixers.

The KFC restaurant chain has its kitchens opened for cooking for military hospitals, territorial defence and military forces, and others.

"We call out to the restaurant business all over Ukraine to join, open their kitchens to cook and deliver food to those who need it most now," the statement said.