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Russia's war against Ukraine: regional situation on 10 March

Thursday, 10 March 2022, 08:33
Russia's war against Ukraine: regional situation on 10 March


Throughout the night, the invading forces shelled Luhanshchina, bombed Okhtyrka, carried out airstrikes on Zhytomyr and tried to seize Mariupol - without success.

Source: data from regional military state administrations


Details: Kyiv region

Fighting in Irpin continues. Evacuation in private cars continued until almost 2 a.m. in the Irpin-Bucha-Vorzel direction. The enemy prevented evacuation from Borodyanka, Hostomel and Bucha.

Makarov: fighting, shelling. Vyshgorodsky district: shelling near Lyutezh. Brovary district: fighting and shelling in three communities. Constant air raids throughout the region.

Chernihiv region

Several air raids during the night throughout the Chernihiv region, in Priluki, Oster and Desna. Gun battles near Chernihiv.

Sumy Region

Russian aviation again bombed residential areas of Okhtyrka.

During the night, the invader's aircraft struck the area of the Kachanovskyy Gas Processing Plant oil tanks. Some of the tanks caught fire as a result of the bombardment. The total volume of oil in the tanks destroyed in this airstrike was about 1,777 tonnes.

Trostyanets: shelling of the former Electrobytpribor plant. As a result of the shelling, three townspeople were killed, among them a young boy.

Bilopillia: the TV tower was damaged in the evening as a result of an air strike; the fire was extinguished. There were no fatalities or injuries. The tower and the repeater station were put out of action.

After midnight, the second enemy airstrike hit the village of Bytytsia, Sumy district. There were no casualties or injuries.

Corridor agreements have been reached: evacuation from Sumy, Trostyanets and Krasnopillia is planned for 10 March.

Zhytomyr Region

3 air strikes in the evening and overnight. Airstrikes on Zhytomyr and nearby settlements. Over 10 residential houses and the city heating plant were damaged (measures are being taken to restore heating in some houses). Windows in the city hospital building were broken. Bombing of Korosten: the base of one of the fuel station operators was damaged, as well as a residential area. Six civilians were injured, one was killed.

Zaporizhzhya region

Over a thousand people in an evacuation convoy from Enerhodar arrived in Zaporizhzhya. They were transported by buses and private vehicles. The Ukrainian Red Cross accompanied the convoy. In the cities of Melitopol and Berdiansk, the enemy took over the local media and began delivering pro-Russian propaganda.


There were three air raids overnight. On the whole, it was quiet.


Exactly one air-raid alarm during the night. Calm in general.


There was one air-raid alarm at night in Volyn.


The situation was quiet.

Khmelnitska region

In Khmelnytskyi region,there was one air-raid alarm in Shepetivka district.


One alarm at night, generally calm.


There were air-raid alarms, but the situation was relatively calm.

The night in Chernivtsi, Lviv region was calm. In Ivano-Frankivsk, there was one air-raid alarm at night.

Poltava region

Air alerts in Poltava and Lubny. Over 43 thousand people were evacuated from Sumy by buses and private cars last night.

Sirens were sounded at night in the Kirovograd region, but all was quiet.

Dnipropetrovsk region

Night alarm. In general, the night was quiet.


In Kharkiv itself, the occupiers destroyed the largest shopping mall, no casualties, there were sporadic air attacks on residential areas. In the region - the Ukrainian Armed Forces have recaptured Dergachi, and there are battles in Izyum.

Luhansk region

At 4.30 a.m. there was heavy shelling of Severodonetsk. A gas pipeline and residential buildings were damaged. 1 dead, 2 wounded; Lysychansk: 2 houses damaged. Rubizhne: Heavy shelling at night, striking the House of Culture (opposite the city council).1 dead, 2 wounded. Also in the evening, Russians shelled Popasna, hitting the city hospital.

Donetsk Region

There was fighting all night in Mariupol, planes over the city and artillery fire. Rescuers are dismantling the ruins of a maternity hospital, a hospital and a university building destroyed by an air strike. The city is under Ukrainian control.

Volnovakha: heavy ground and artillery fighting. The city is controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Kostyantynivka: shelling of the railway with Iskander guns Destruction of wagon depot buildings and electric lines.

Druzhkovka: Heavy artillery fire. Destruction of private buildings.

Kramatorsk: night and morning air raids.

Mykolaiv region .

Mykolaiv was shelled in the evening. Explosions were heard during the night as well. The night was quiet in the rest of the region.

Kherson region

Kherson was quiet overnight, but explosions were constantly heard in the outskirts of the city.


Generally calm and controlled.