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Lukashenko says Belarus has been hit by a missile, but he is "not going" to go to war

Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 13:12
Lukashenko says Belarus has been hit by a missile, but he is not going to go to war


Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, says that the country has been hit by a Point-U missile, but says he is "not going to" take part in the war and has "not been asked to join it".

Source: Lukashenko said to the military, reported by the Belorussian state media Belta


Details: He did not specify where and who fired the missile at Belarus, but said that "they and the Russians" intercepted and destroyed it over Pripyat, a ghost town in the north of Ukraine, two days ago. They had not spoken about it because "they were trying to figure out what was happening there."

According to Lukashenko: "I warned you that we would be pushed into this operation, into this war.

As a confirmation, just two days ago at night another Point-U missile was launched at the territory of our Belarus, which we together with Russians successfully intercepted and destroyed over Pripyat.

Do they want to bomb Belarus with one missile? This will not work. This missile just won't reach us. But why is this being done? To engage us so that we start responding. But we are not such simpletons. If we respond, we will respond properly. Everyone will feel it. We can still tolerate it…

I would like to emphasise once again that we are not going to get involved in this operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine.

There is no need for that. Well, think about it, what can we add to Russia there? As for personnel, they have enough soldiers of their own. Can we add something to Russia's weapons? Oh no. We buy all these from the Russian Federation. They have it all, and even better.

That's why there’s nothing for us to do there. And we are not being asked to join."

Background: 4 days ago the Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces declared that Russian planes turned over Ukraine then struck on the territory of Belarus.

The Ukrainian air defence system shot down a missile fired from the territory of Belarus in Kyiv.