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Investigator anonymously shared details of death of Gazprom’s top-level manager

Monday, 7 March 2022, 17:04


The body of the 61-year-old top-level manager of Gazprom, Alexander Tyulyakov, was found on the morning of February 25, 2022 in the Leningrad region, but the local police were ousted from the scene by workers of the Gazprom security service.

Source: Novaya Gazeta


Details: Tyulyakov, Deputy General Director of Gazprom's Unified Settlement Centre (the company's treasury) for Corporate Security, was found hanged in a garage attached to the house, with a piece of paper lying nearby.

Nova writes that his death looks like suicide.

The contents of Tyulyakov's posthumous note are not being disclosed. At the same time, some media outlets have reported that on the eve of Tyulyakov's death he was severely beaten. Under what circumstances Gazprom's top manager could have been beaten remains a mystery.

Quote ftom the Leningrad Region Investigative Committee: "We arrived at the scene almost simultaneously with the police, who were called by those who had found the body. Everything about the village of Leninskoye is reported to us immediately. I personally saw a hanged man and the piece of paper on the floor of the garage".

Forensics were already working when a group of heavies arrived on three SUVs. They said they were Gazprom's security service, surrounded the territory, and put us and most of the police outside the fence of the house."

Background: This was the second death in Leninskoye since the beginning of the year. Leonid Shulman, 60, head of Gazprom Invest transport service, was found dead on January 30.

The Investigative Committee of the Leningrad Region did not comment to Nova on the two deaths. Journalists were unable to contact Gazprom's representatives investigating the cases.