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Karazin University to relocate from Kharkiv

Friday, 1 April 2022, 18:33

Victoria Andreyeva, reporter for UP.Life

In Kharkiv, the Russian armed forces have destroyed most of the campus of the National Karazin University with shelling from their artillery and aircraft .

To maintain its operations, the university will be evacuated to another city, said a representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, Andriy Vitrenko, on air during the joint TV marathon of Ukrainian TV channels. 


"Most unfortunately, the Karazin University has been completely destroyed by the Russian occupiers and their air strikes. However, the university will be relocated under the coordination of the Ministry of Education to a safer place,"– said the official.

Vitrenko did not specify where the university will be evacuated to.

He said that some other universities will likewise be relocated to other cities.

For instance, the Kharkiv Biosphere University has already been moved to the Zakarpattia Region. Chernihiv Polytechnic University and Mariupol State University are also in the process of relocation.

Andriy Vitrenko underscored that currently the main task is preserving the educational network of the country, as after its victory, Ukraine will need specialists to rebuild the country.

"That is why we are doing all we can not to lose a single university," – he added.

There are, however, some universities that have chosen to stay where they are. From 4 April, they will begin to teach again online.

Earlier, the Karazin University recommenced online teaching, with the first classes taking place on 28 March. Students are being offered flexible conditions in the current circumstances.