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Security Service of Ukraine reports on occupiers cynical "Easter eggs": theyre writing "Christ is risen!" on missiles

Saturday, 23 April 2022, 14:30
Security Service of Ukraine reports on occupiers cynical Easter eggs: theyre writing Christ is risen! on missiles

Valentyna Romanenko — Saturday, 23 April 2022, 14:30

The Security Service of Ukraine has reported that the Russian occupiers are preparing further attacks on civilians and Ukrainian defenders for Easter.

Source: new phone conversations between the invaders and their families intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine


Details: In a recording released by the security service, an occupier tells his wife about the explosive "Easter surprises" that the invaders are preparing for Ukrainians.

Quote: "Our lads are making Easter eggs for the Ukrainians [he uses a disparaging term]. The tankmen are writing ‘Christ is risen!’ [the traditional Easter greeting] on the missiles. We’re having fun as best we can", the fighter says.

He and his wife laugh. But when the conversation turns to how things are going for his unit, which is stationed in Mykolaiv Region, the invader’s tone immediately changes. Of the 19 men in his squad, only 7 are left. The others have been killed or have escaped.

"We’re not getting any new additions. It’s the opposite – everyone’s leaving! Who is there to add? Everyone’s running away! 600 people have already left our brigade... Only the die-hards and the alkies are left."

Our [Ukrainian -ed.] troops will do all they can to ensure that these remnants of the invaders’ brigade are "disbanded" as soon as possible.