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Russian propagandists' decisions on what to do to Ukraine: re-education, censorship and de-Ukrainisation

Monday, 4 April 2022, 17:59
 Russian propagandists' decisions on what to do to Ukraine: re-education, censorship and de-Ukrainisation

 Roman Petrenko - Monday, 4 April 2022, 14:46

The main pro-Kremlin propagandistic website "Ria News" ( ) has issued an article on what the Russians want to do to Ukraine. Among other things, the Russian occupiers want to "re-educate" the Ukrainian nation, as well as to implement strict censorship in political, cultural and educational spheres.

Source: Ria News ( )


Quote: "A total lustration must be conducted. Any organisations related to Nazism must be prohibited and liquidated. However, both the elites and a significant part of the ordinary people are considered passive Nazis and are guilty.

"They supported and followed the Nazi regime. Fair punishment of this part of population can be seen an inevitable burden of waging a just war against the Nazi system, wherever possible as carefully and scrupulously with regard civilians. 

"The further denazification of this part of the population includes 're-education’, which can be achieved through ideological repression (suffocation) of Nazi politics and severe censorship, both in the political and in the educational and cultural spheres.

 "Denazification will inevitably result in de-Ukrainization, the abandoning of the full-scale artificial development, introduced by the Soviet government, of the ethnic component of the population’s self-identification based on the historically formed territories of ‘Malorossiya’ (little Russia) and ‘Novorossiya’ (new Russia).

"’Debanderisation’ (stripping the legacy of the 1930s Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera – ed.) is not enough for denazification, as the Banderist element serves as a player and a mask for the European project created by Ukrainian Nazis. That is why the denazification of Ukraine inevitably means de-Europeanisation.

"It is clear that people need some time to recover after the shock of the military actions, and to realise Russia’s long-term intentions, in particular the fact that 'we will not leave you'."

Details: The rest of the article’s contents describes what the propagandists want to do after the war is over.

Among other things, they talk about the "liquidation" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the formation of Russian-controlled authorities and police, the "installation" of Russian news media, the removal of the existing History textbooks, mass investigations, the "lustration" of the current government, the erection of their own monuments, as well as "implementation of a set of anti-fascist and denazification principles in the constitutions of the new "people's republics".

Russians plan to create denazification bodies that will last 25 years.

Earlier: The current article is written by Tymofiy Sergiytsev, known as an author of the poster on three categories of Ukrainians.