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Russians destroy farms in Kharkiv region, no sowing there now

Friday, 6 May 2022, 03:01

Anastasiya Kalatur - Friday, 6 May 2022,  03:01

The Russians have destroyed or looted farms in the Derhachi municipality (hromada) in the Kharkiv region, and there will be no sowing there this year.

Source: Viacheslav Zadorenko, Head of the Derhachi municipality, on Facebook


Quote: "Unfortunately, I have to acknowledge that there will be no sowing this year, because farms have either been destroyed or looted by the aggressors, and the sown areas are covered with mines and shells."

Details: It is noted that the aggressors continue to actively shell the town of Derhachi, as well as villages and communities. Apart from the town, Prudyanka, Slatyne, Ruska Lozova and some other villages have suffered significant damage from shelling: many private houses, shops and businesses have been destroyed.

There is no gas supply in the community - the damaged section of the gas pipeline is located in the territory where fighting is still going on.

The Tokarivskyi, Prokhodivskyi, Kozacholopanskyi "starostynsky" districts (communities under village head supervision), Tsupivka in the Prudyanskyi district, and the villages of Pytomnyk and Nove in the Rusko-Lozivskyi district are still under occupation.

Background: British intelligence reported that the Russian invasion had disrupted Ukrainian agricultural production: Ukraine's grain harvest for 2022 is likely to be about 20% lower than in 2021, due to the reduction in cultivated areas.