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Deputy puppet governor "comes back to life" on Russian TV and vows to return to Nova Kakhovka

Monday, 12 September 2022, 13:11
Deputy puppet governor comes back to life on Russian TV and vows to return to Nova Kakhovka


Vitalii Hura, the deputy "head of administration" of Russian-occupied Nova Kakhovka [Kherson Oblast] who had previously been reported killed, has appeared on Russian TV.

Source: Russian propagandist Channel 1


Details: According to the collaborator, his "death" on 6 August was allegedly staged by the FSB, who had been tipped off about an assassination attempt. "In early August, they approached me and told me there were plans to assassinate me; they provided me with a recording they had [which confirmed] they wanted me dead."

Hura claimed he would return to Nova Kakhovka and keep doing his job.

The Russian propagandist TV channel said that the murder of Serhii Tomka, the so-called "deputy police head" in Nova Kakhovka, was also staged. The collaborator Tomka, whose murder was reported in July, also appeared on air.

Serhii Tomka 


  • On 6 August, Russian media reported that the collaborator Vitalii Hura had died in hospital after being shot.
  • On 8 July, the National Resistance Centre reported that Serhii Tomko, who had gone over to the Russian side and served as deputy head of the local "police", had been killed in occupied Nova Kakhovka. 

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