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10 Russian torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv region

Friday, 16 September 2022, 12:51
10 Russian torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv region


A total of ten torture chambers have been discovered in the liberated territory of Kharkiv Oblast.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine [Kremlin-aligned news agency], referring to statement by Ihor Klymenko, the head of the National Police of Ukraine


Quote from Klymenko: "Today I can talk about the presence of at least ten torture chambers on the territory of settlements (of Kharkiv Oblast). Two torture chambers are in Balakliia."

Details: One of the torture chambers was on the territory of the Balakliia Police Department.

He also reported that over the last week, Ukrainian law enforcement officers opened 204 criminal proceedings related to war crimes that had been committed by the occupiers.



  • On 15 September,  Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the Investigative Department of the National Police in Kharkiv region, reported that a mass grave containing 440 bodies had been found in the liberated city of Izium of Kharkiv Oblast.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that during the occupation of Izium and Balakliia in Kharkiv Oblast, the Russians had behaved the same way they did in Kyiv Oblast early in the war: they tortured residents and destroyed kindergartens and schools, as well as other infrastructure.

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