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Majority of Ukrainians do not believe Russia will use nuclear weapons

Monday, 24 October 2022, 15:47
Majority of Ukrainians do not believe Russia will use nuclear weapons


65% of Ukrainians do not believe Russia can use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Their confidence in it has increased since April.

Source: results of the survey conducted by the Rating sociological group on 8-9 October 


Details: 47% of Ukrainians believed that the Russian Federation would rather not use nuclear weapons in early October. Another 18% supposed that the aggressor country would definitely not do it. 

2% of respondents stated that Russia would definitely launch a nuclear strike, 24% considered this as a possible step. 84% of respondents did not believe in the possibility of a nuclear strike on NATO countries. 

The confidence of Ukrainians that Russia will not launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine has increased by 13% since April. 

The survey was conducted on 8-9 October by means of phone interviews among Ukrainians over the age of 18 in all oblasts, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas or the territories where there is no Ukrainian mobile connection at the moment of interview. 

Sample: 1,000 respondents. Based on a random sampling of mobile phone numbers. The margin of error, with the a confidence level of 0.95, is 3.1%.

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