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Russia and Belarus prolong joint military exercises

Friday, 11 November 2022, 16:53
Russia and Belarus prolong joint military exercises

Russia and Belarus have prolonged training of the regional joint force of the so-called Union State [Russia and Belarus] at least until 21 November.

Source: an independent Belarusian military monitoring media outlet, Belaruski Hajun, citing a schedule of exercises

Details: The prolongation of training on Belarusian training grounds looks as follows: 

  • Barysaŭ 227th Combined Arms training ground (Barysaŭ district) – until 19 November;
  • Hozha training ground of the 6th Air Assault Brigade (Hrodna district) – until 18 November;
  • Brest training ground of the 38th Air Assault Brigade (Brest district) – until 19 November;
  • Asipovichy training ground of the 51st Artillery Brigade (Asipovichy district) – until 20 November;
  • Niman 212nd aircraft training ground (Novogrudok district) – until 18 November;
  • Obuz-Lesnovsky 230th Combined Arms Training Ground  (Baranavichy district) – until 21 November;
  • Domanovo 174th training ground of the Air Force and air defence forces (Ivatsevichy district) – until 20 November;
  • Lyepyel training ground of the 19th Separate Mechanised Brigade (Lyepyel district) – until 20 November.

The monitoring outlet reported that the total number of prolongations has been 29 weeks (from 29 April).


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