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Odesa authorities clarify previous messages on restoring energy facilities and need to evacuate

Sunday, 11 December 2022, 00:15
Odesa authorities clarify previous messages on restoring  energy facilities and need to evacuate

DTEK Odesa electricity networks, an energy company that produces and distributes electricity in the Oblast, has reported that it will take much longer to restore power facilities in Odesa Oblast than it did after previous Russian missile attacks. The authorities say that it can take up to two or three months. Subsequently, Odesa Oblast Military Administration has clarified a few points in the communication from  the Department of utilities and energy efficiency.

Source: DTEK Odesa electricity networks; Odesa Oblast State Administration Department of Utilities and Energy Efficiency Systems 

Quote from DTEK: "Odesa and almost the entire region remain without electricity.


The situation in the energy sector of the Odesa Oblast remains difficult."

Details: Meanwhile, the authorities have reported that the time it may take to fix the power system is "not a matter of days, but weeks, and possibly two or three months."

Quote from Odesa Oblast Military Administration: "We understand how difficult it is to stay without electricity for such a long time.


That is why we are appealing to you: if you understand that it will soon become difficult for you to cope without electricity, and you have the opportunity to temporarily leave the city of Odesa and move to Odesa Oblast or beyond it, it is worth doing so."

Update from 01:15 on 11 December: Serhii Bratchuk, spokesman for Odesa Oblast Military Administration, explained that the electricity will not be absent for two or three months; the timeframe refers to the duration of restoration work at energy facilities.

"Speaking about the period of two or three months. We are talking about the complete restoration of high-voltage networks and the corresponding technical equipment. Odesa Oblast Military Administration and the energy industry have joined forces to ensure that electricity reaches the homes of each of our countrymen in the coming days," he wrote on Telegram.

Bratchuk also stated that no representative of the Oblast authorities made any calls for the evacuation of residents from the city of Odesa and the Oblast, and "the loose interpretation of the appeal, that Odesa Oblast Department of Utilities and Energy Efficiency posted on the official Facebook page, is considered nothing other than a manifestation of hybrid war by Russian secrrtl services against Ukraine".

Previously:  Energy facilities in Odesa Oblast sustained significant damage in a Russian  kamikaze drones attack on the night of 10 December, leaving thousands of consumers without electricity supply.

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