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Ukraine's Armed Forces advance in Luhansk Oblast, good news coming soon

Thursday, 8 December 2022, 10:48
Ukraine's Armed Forces advance in Luhansk Oblast, good news coming soon

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing on the Svatove-Kreminna front, good news from Luhansk Oblast are expected soon.

Source: Serhii Haidai, Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "We are moving forward little by little [on the Svatove-Kreminna front – ed.]. However, the Russians managed to bring a huge amount of equipment and personnel there, including newly conscripted, and convicts, and Kadyrovites, and regular troops, and part of the paratroopers who were transferred from the Kherson front.


Therefore, advancing is very difficult. A quick operation should not be expected. But I am sure that in the near future, the General Staff will please us with good news."

Details: Haidai also agreed with the statement that this winter will be crucial to "solve" the issue of the Luhansk front. He believes that at the end of winter, Ukraine’s Armed Forces will be able to reach the "border" of the oblast [with Russia] as it was before 24 February.

In addition, Haidai has reported that the Russian military is trying to wear down the Ukrainian defenders in Luhansk Oblast, throwing convicts and conscripts to the front lines.


Almost all the houses around the cities of Svatove and Kreminna are held by militants. Haidai also confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending on the Bilohorivka front.


  • On 17 November, Haidai reported that fierce fighting continued on two fronts, Svatove-Kreminna and Bilohorivka, in Luhansk Oblast.
  • On 23 November, Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to give "new positive news" from Luhansk Oblast, on the Svatove – Kreminna front, with the onset of sub-zero temperatures, and that the initiative on the front is in the hands of the Ukrainian military.

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