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Netherlands might send Patriot system to Ukraine

Tuesday, 17 January 2023, 18:38

The Dutch government may soon decide to send their Patriot air defence system to Ukraine, following the example of the United States and Germany.

Source: Bloomberg, citing informed sources; statement by Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, quoted by Dutch mass media; European Pravda

Quote: "The Netherlands is constantly looking at military support for Ukraine," said Sascha Louwhoff, a spokesperson for the Dutch defence ministry, adding that the Netherlands is prioritising military deliveries to Ukraine. 

Details: The Dutch military started operating the Patriot system in 1987. These surface-to-air missile systems are capable of hitting aircraft, helicopters, ballistic and cruise missiles at an altitude of up to 20 kilometres and a distance of up to 60 kilometres.


In Europe, only Germany, Spain and the Netherlands have Patriot air defence systems in service.


  • On 21 December, the United States announced a new US$1.85 billion military aid package for Ukraine, which includes a supply of Patriot air defence systems for the first time.
  • After that, Germany also promised to supply Patriot to Ukraine.
  • This week, about a 100 Ukrainian military personnel, who will be trained to operate and maintain Patriot air defence systems, have arrived at a base in Oklahoma. At this stage, 90 to 100 Ukrainian military personnel will be trained; these will be the operators or those who will be engaged in systems’ maintenance. The training will last several months.

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