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Ukraine's energy company on Russia's attack: significant damages, but no disaster

Friday, 10 February 2023, 19:19

The damage caused on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine by the Russian attack on 10 February is significant, the Russians managed to damage several thermal and hydroelectric power plants.

Source: Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Head of Ukrenergo [the national energy company – ed.], during the 24/7 newscast 

Source: "We were attacked by kamikaze drones, S-300 missiles, and eventually a large-scale missile attack began in the morning. The scale of the damage is significant, the Russians were able to damage several thermal and hydroelectric plants.


Today's attack alteres our plans to restore the generation, but at the same time, once again, the disaster did not happen. The Russians failed to achieve their goals for the 14th time," he emphasised.

According to Kudrytskyi, the situation in the city of Kharkiv is really difficult.

"Over the weekend, we plan to restore the operation of some energy facilities that were damaged today. The critical infrastructure of Kharkiv [city] is restored. We are working to ensure that the situation with outages in Kharkiv approaches the situation in the country. But it will take some time," the head of Ukrenergo explained. 

"We still need to assess the extent of the destruction in order to say more precisely when we will be able to correct the situation in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. We will work over the weekend.

We still have to work on completely restoring facilities around Odesa, which provide power to the city and Odesa district. But the situation has improved in comparison with what happened on Saturday and Sunday. It was announced that the local Oblenergo [an oblast electricity distributor – ed.] is testing the planned power outage schedules," he summarised.


  • During the attack on 10 February, Russia once again mainly targeted power plants and high-voltage network facilities. The most difficult situation is currently in Kharkiv Oblast, where emergency power outages are ongoing.
  • The Russian forces targeted energy facilities in six oblasts during another large-scale missile attack on Ukrainian infrastructure on Friday, 10 February. 
  • The DTEK energy company reported that it introduced emergency power outages in the capital, as well as in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts due to the threat of a Russian missile attack on the morning of 10 February.

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