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Zelenskyy convinced that victory is achievable within this year: "We can do it faster"

Friday, 17 February 2023, 14:57
Zelenskyy convinced that victory is achievable within this year: We can do it faster

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that a quick victory for Ukraine with the liberation of all occupied territories is realistic. 

Source: Zelenskyy stated this at the Munich Security Conference, reports European Pravda

Details: He emphasised that Ukraine would not make concessions during the liberation of the territories occupied by Russia since 2014. "There is no alternative to getting rid of the Russian occupation in all, all cities of Ukraine!", he emphasised.


Ukraine’s president also said that the real goal is the fast liberation of Ukraine, "so that next year we can meet in Munich for the first post-war security conference, provided that Ukraine is free, Europe is free, the world is free." The next Munich Security Conference will be held in February 2024.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that the priority now is to provide Ukraine with assistance as quickly as possible, as Putin "is counting on waning and division of the world's support," which could lead to "fatigue from the war" in the world.

Zelenskyy also warned that dragging out the war means more destruction, especially in eastern Ukraine.


"They are known to hit civilian houses every day to make people leave (the frontline areas). We understand that after this war, there will be nothing intact left in Donbas – I'm talking about people and infrastructure. But if we can keep up with our partners to make Ukraine more powerful, we will liberate (these territories) earlier. If not, and the processes will be slowed down, there is a risk of the destruction of the entire Donbas, but we will liberate everything later," he explained.


Earlier in Munich, Zelenskyy assumed that Russia was paying for Iranian weapons with nuclear technology.

A "song about Putin" is being showed for participants of this year's Munich Security Conference at an exhibition about Russia's war crimes.

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