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Ukraine expects to be invited to NATO at Alliance summit in Vilnius – chairman of Ukraine's Parliament

Saturday, 18 February 2023, 14:30

Ruslan Stefanchuk, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament – ed.) of Ukraine, expects that Ukraine will receive an invitation to the North Atlantic Alliance at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Source: Stefanchuk on air at the national 24/7 news broadcast

Quote: "We expect that Ukraine will receive such an invitation [to NATO – ed.] at the Vilnius summit and will begin [walking] its path to the Alliance," Stefanchuk said.


He noted that "issues related to Ukraine's invitation to NATO" are among the topics discussed on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. 

The NATO summit will be held in Vilnius on 11-12 July 2023.


  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that the Alliance's priority now is not Ukraine's membership, but helping it win a full-scale war against Russia.
  • On 30 September 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that Ukraine had signed an application for accelerated accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.

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