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Nuland tells Russian media condition for negotiations between US and Russia

Thursday, 23 February 2023, 23:55
Nuland tells Russian media condition for negotiations between US and Russia

The United States would be ready to negotiate with Russia only on the basis of the 10-point "peace formula" proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Source: Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, in an interview with Kremlin-aligned news outlet TASS

Quote: "The Ukrainian side has put forward a ten-point peace proposal. There has been zero response from the Russian side with regard to that. If peace negotiations were to start on the basis of the just peace formula that the Ukrainians have put forward, obviously we would support that."


Nuland emphasised: "if Russia stops fighting, the war will end, but if Ukraine stops fighting, then Ukraine will end."

For reference: On 11 October, President Zelenskyy in his speech at an urgent meeting of the G7, proposed a 10-point peace formula, covering such issues as security, including food and energy, as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

Later, he was supported by, among others, the United States, the European Union and Turkey, and the Ukrainian side spoke of its intention to hold an event dedicated to the peace formula on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

Background: Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and direct talks between the US and Russian presidents to end the war. As a response, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry suggested that the Hungarian Foreign Minister seek advice in Bratislava, where Orban was scolded recently.

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