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Zelenskyy: Ukrainians will never forgive Putin, most states have written him off

Thursday, 9 February 2023, 23:39
Zelenskyy: Ukrainians will never forgive Putin, most states have written him off

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin behaves like the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, during World War II. Ukrainians and other nations will never forgive his crimes.

Source: Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with SPIEGEL

Quote: "Ukrainians will never forgive Putin. Most countries of the world have long written the current Russian leadership off.


It reminds me of the end of Hitler. When he lost the World War, he still continued to bomb London. He [still] did it, even though he wasn't dumb.

You just have to understand, there is a huge gap between us from political and historical perspectives. This is a matter of worldview. 

The result of his [Putin's – ed.] worldview is the following: ruined territories, disregard for international law, human rights, contempt for all living things. It doesn't matter [to Putin – ed.] how many more people one sends to meet their deaths, [as long as] one is fighting for one's seat."


Details: Volodymyr Zelenskyy states that the current Russian president can’t be reasonably stopped. "Putin is a dragon who needs to eat. You give him one country after another to satisfy his appetite, or at least parts of them," Zelenskyy said.

The Ukrainian leader is convinced that no borders and no oceans will stop the Russians in today's world.

Zelenskyy shared that following the invasion of the Russian Federation, he had daily conversations with European leaders asking them to "call him, stop him, stop his troops."

Quote: "I cautioned, 'give us a lot of weapons.' I also called for weapons and sanctions as a preventive measure.

If everyone knew that Putin was going to invade our country, why didn't they impose sanctions? It's just ridiculous when you all publicly stand up for our defence, yet want to bypass sanctions or hold back on weapons supply.

I see this as dirty politics. You know that Russia will historically lose this war, but you still refuse to help Ukraine just in case - with a 1% chance – Russia does win. Because then you will be able to tell Putin, ‘Remember? I toned it down back then!’, and this is exactly what I don't like about politics: talking about values, and then dismissing them with your actions."

Details: When asked if he was disappointed with Berlin's policy, Zelenskyy replied, "Relations with Germany come in waves. Sometimes it’s a rise. Sometimes it’s a fall."

President Zelenskyy stated that it was very difficult for him at first due to the difference in temperaments and speed of decision-making. However, he said the conservative attitude shifted later on. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, with whom "it has been tricky earlier, especially due to the so-called Steinmeier formula", have shown their support.

Zelenskyy also shared, "I told the Head of State, who felt like I insulted him – and I must say that it was not Olaf (Sholz) – that the supply of 10 tanks does not make sense. I meant that it is not about the number of tanks, and negotiating this issue is pointless. It is rather a political decision, much like the decision regarding sanctions. The supply of tanks only means that we are all united against Russian aggression.Tomorrow it might not be tanks, but aircrafts or something else."

"Once the Russians are at your border, you will have to sacrifice the lives of your people. Therefore, what Ukraine is doing today is more favourable for your country," Zelenskyy explained to the leaders of other states.

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