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Scholz: Putin has to withdraw troops from Ukraine, this is basic condition for talks

Sunday, 5 March 2023, 17:31
Scholz: Putin has to withdraw troops from Ukraine, this is basic condition for talks

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that the responsibility for ending the war in Ukraine lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source: European Pravda citing Politico

Details: "To my view, it is necessary that Putin understands that he will not succeed with his invasion and his imperialistic aggression and that he has to withdraw troops. This is the basis for talks," he said in an interview that aired Sunday on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS.


The German leader acknowledged that the Russian-Ukrainian war that has been lasting for more than a year now has reached a dead end and is inflicting a huge amount of damage on Ukraine. But he said he would not press Ukrainians to make any uncomfortable compromises.

"There will be no decisions without the Ukrainians," Scholz said, saying Putin had clearly misjudged "the strength of Ukraine" as well as the "unity" of "all the friends of Ukraine" in challenging the Russian invasion.

"It is very difficult to judge what will be the next things to happen in Ukraine, but there is something which is absolutely clear: We will continue to support Ukraine with financial, humanitarian aid, and also with weapons," he said.


Scholz also spoke well of President Joe Biden and his leadership during the current international crisis.

"He is very informed about international relations," Scholz said. "I think he's one of the most skilled presidents knowing how things are running in the world, which is important in times that are becoming more dangerous," Scholz said.

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had a meeting in Washington on 3 March. They confirmed intentions to punish Russia for the war in Ukraine for as long as necessary.

On 3 March, the US also officially announced a new US$400 million military aid package for Ukraine, which will include ammunition for HIMARS, howitzers and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and other equipment.

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