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Air-raid warning issued throughout Ukraine

Thursday, 9 March 2023, 01:40
Air-raid warning issued throughout Ukraine

The authorities have issued an  air-raid warning  in all regions of Ukraine on the night of 8-9 March 2023.

Source: air-raid warning map; Kyiv Oblast Military Administration

Details: The air-raid warning was issued in most of the Ukrainian oblasts. 


As of 02:18 on  9 March, there have been no air-raid warnings issued in western regions of the country.

When an air-raid warning is issued, this means that there is a threat of air strikes and people are advised to proceed to shelters or stay at home if they are able to follow the  two-walls rule [safety rule whereby a person keeps two walls without windows between them and the street during attacks - ed.] 

Starting from 00:57, the air-raid warning has been spreading from central and northern regions of Ukraine. 


Monitoring outlets have reported that a large-scale missile attack throughout the entire country is possible. 

Kyiv Oblast Military Administration has reported that "there is a threat of air strikes". They have also urged residents to stay in shelters. 

Update: At 02:18, an air-raid warning was issued in Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia oblasts. 

At 02:40, the warning was also issued in western oblasts; from this time the warning was in force throughout all of Ukraine. 

At 6:46 an air-raid all-clear started to be issued in western regions of Ukraine.

An all-clear was given in southern, central, northern and eastern oblasts between 7:34 and 7:56.

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