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air-raid warning

Missile attack threat announced in southern oblasts

Russia launches cruise missiles from Tu-95MS bombers Air Force

Ukraine's Air Force says Russia launched Shahed drones on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Air Force report high-speed target towards Poltava Oblast

Shahed UAVs attack on Ukraine's south over Air Force

Ukraine's Air Defence activated in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Russians launch UAVs in Ukraine, air-raid warning gradually issued throughout the country

Air defence systems respond in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Explosions heard in Vinnytsia Oblast

Russians launch second drone attack of this evening, this time from south

Russians launch several groups of attack UAVs on Kharkiv Oblast, there are hits

Air-raid warning not issued each time MiG takes off

Shahed drones reach Zakarpattia Oblast at night

Air defence responding in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Air-raid warnings issued in Kyiv and several oblasts in Ukraine

Air-raid warning issued throughout Ukraine due to Russian MiG taking off

Ukraine's Air Force issues missile threat warning in Kyiv Oblast overnight

Russians attack Ukraine with Shahed drones again

Pay attention to air-raid warnings, especially these days Zelenskyy

Ukraine's Air Force says Russian tactical aircraft are active

Air-raid warning issued in some oblasts due to threat of missile attacks

Russians launch attack UAVs towards Odesa Oblast

Air-raid warning issued across Ukraine due to take-off of Russian MiG

Air raid alert in Ukraine's north due to UAV threat

Russians attack Ukraine's south and east with missiles: explosions ring out in Kropyvnytskyi

Air defence responded in Vinnytsia Oblast

Russia launches several groups of Shahed UAVs across Ukraine

Air-raid warning issued in number of oblasts due to threat of missile attacks

Russians launch Shahed drones towards Odesa Oblast

Ukrainian Air Force issues warning of missile threat in two oblasts overnight