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Italy transfers some of M109 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Sunday, 16 April 2023, 15:39

Italy plans to transfer a total of 60 M109 self-propelled artillery howitzers to Ukraine in the near future, some of them are already on the frontline. 

Source: This was reported by Italian publication La Republica, writes European Pravda. 

According to the publication, dozens of howitzers were repaired at the expense of the United States, and some of them are already on the front line. The decision to transfer these systems was made by the government of Mario Draghi.


"For weeks now, videos filmed in Ukraine have shown powerful M109L firing at Russian positions. These videos testify to the importance of Italy's contribution to military resistance operations," the publication says.

According to sources of the publication, a total of sixty howitzers have already been provided to Kyiv or will be delivered in the near future.

Italy and France promised to transfer SAMP/T-MAMBA systems to Ukraine; the Ukrainian military have already most likely been trained to use them. 

In addition, Italy planned to transfer other air-defence systems. 

Also, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine scheduled for the end of April.

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