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Actions against ecocide in Ukraine to be held around world on International Earth Day: how to join

Friday, 21 April 2023, 19:09
Actions against ecocide in Ukraine to be held around world on International Earth Day: how to join
Photo by Anastasiia Vlasova\GettyImages

Ukrainians and foreigners will hold action against the Russian ecocide in Ukraine on International Earth Day.

People from all continents will form a human unity chain on 21-23 April to draw attention to Russia's crimes against the environment during the war.

Quote: "On the occasion of International Earth Day, as part of the EcoUnity For Ukraine campaign, Ukrainian communities from overseas and foreigners from different parts of the world will unite to launch a global campaign #StopEcocideUkraine," said the organisers of the UAnimals campaign.


Details: The event will cover all six continents of the planet: Eurasia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

Anyone can join the initiative by filling out a form on the UAnimals website.

Photo by UAnimals

Quote: "Environmental crimes, which the russians are committing right now on the territory of Ukraine, constitute a global problem, the damage of which can be felt by future generations all over the world

On Earth Day, residents of London and Paris, Los Angeles and Yokkaichi, Sydney and Nairobi, even Ukrainian polar explorers from the Academician Vernadsky station in Antarctica, will join hands to protest the terrorist country that destroys all living things in its path," says Oleksandr Todorchuk, founder of the UAnimals humanist movement.

Details: EcoUnity For Ukraine is also a call to international institutions to bring Russians to justice for crimes against humanity and the environment.

Where will the EcoUnity For Ukraine event take place?

Countries, cities and dates:

  • Germany, Augsburg, 21.04
  • Australia, Sydney, 22.04
  • Austria, Salzburg, 22.04
  • Finland, Pori, 22.04
  • France, Paris, 22.04
  • France, Grenoble, 22.04
  • France, Nantes, 22.04
  • Germany, Göttingen, 22.04
  • Germany, Jena, 22.04
  • Germany, Munich, 22.04
  • Germany, Stuttgart, 22.04
  • Italy, Milan, 22.04
  • Italy, Pavia, 22.04
  • Lithuania, Vilnius, 22.04
  • Moldova, Chisinau, 22.04
  • Montenegro, Cetinje, 22.04
  • Poland, Krakow, 22.04
  • Portugal, Lisbon, 22.04
  • Romania, Bucharest, 22.04
  • Slovakia, Bratislava, 22.04
  • Spain, Alicante, 22.04
  • Spain, Barcelona, 22.04
  • Spain, Calpe, 22.04
  • Spain, Playa de Aro, 22.04
  • Sweden, Linköping, 22.04
  • Switzerland, Geneva, 22.04
  • Switzerland, Zurich, 22.04
  • UK, Inverness, 22.04
  • UK, London, 22.04
  • UK, Sheffield, 22.04
  • Kenya, Nairobi, 22.04
  • Japan, Yokkaichi, 22.04
  • Antarctica, Akademik Vernadsky polar station, 22.04
  • USA, Austin, 22.04
  • USA, Greenville, 22.04
  • USA, Los Angeles, 23.04
  • Czech Republic, Brno, 23.04
  • Norway, Oslo, 23.04
  • Finland, Helsinki, 23.04
  • Germany, Cottbus, 23.04
  • Germany, Hamburg, 29.04
  • Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, 22.04.

All-Ukrainian humanist movement UAnimals is the initiator of the EcoUnity For Ukraine campaign.

The following partners coordinated the #StopEcocideUkraine campaign: the NGO Communities Army of Ukraine (CAU) and the KLYCH community. Ukrainian artist Andrii Yermolenko has created posters on the topic.


  • According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, over 2,340 cases of environmental damage by Russian forces have been recorded since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.
  • A total of 495,000 hectares of Ukrainian forests are under Russian occupation, and 2.4 million hectares are liberated and need recovering.
  • The war has affected 20% of Ukraine's protected areas. More than 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases have been released into the atmosphere through fires caused by Russian attacks.
  • The hostilities have affected 600 species of animals and 750 species of plants and fungi, and 120 dolphins died in the Ukrainian part of the Black Sea (however, according to some environmentalists, the number of dolphins killed is over 5,000).
  • As of March 2023, Russia has caused damage to Ukrainian nature worth UAH 2 trillion [US $52,350,000,000 – ed.].

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