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Russia trying to postpone new overt draft – UK Intelligence

Sunday, 23 April 2023, 09:16

The Russian Ministry of Defence has launched a new large-scale volunteer recruitment campaign attempting to avoid a new wave of overt conscription and possible tensions in society as long as possible.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence, as reported by European Pravda

Details: As part of the large-scale campaign, advertisements for recruiting volunteers for the Russian army appeared on Russian social media, billboards and television, as the intelligence community notes.


The new advert appeals to the masculine pride of potential recruits, calling on "real men" to join and highlighting the financial benefits of joining.

Wagner Private Military Company is also competing for a limited pool of Russian men of conscription age since their access to recruitment of inmates has been denied, the UK MoD said.

Quote: "It remains highly unlikely that the campaign will attract the MoD’s reported target of 400,000 volunteers," UK Defence Intelligence noted


"The authorities are almost certainly seeking to delay any new, overt mandatory mobilisation for as long as possible to minimise domestic dissent," the UK MoD stressed.

Previously: The Russian authorities have cancelled the Immortal Regiment march, most likely to avoid emphasising the scale of their losses in the war in Ukraine (the Immortal Regiment is a public event, which is especially popular in Russia and is typically timed to the anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII – ed.).

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