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"Fortress of Bakhmut": border guards repel attack on stronghold

Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 17:50
Fortress of Bakhmut: border guards repel attack on stronghold

In the frontline city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian border guards target soldiers of the occupiers in close quarter combat.

Source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Quote: "The defence forces of Ukraine, including the members of the State Border Guard Service, are putting great efforts into deterring the offensive of the Russian occupying forces on the fortress city of Bakhmut."


Details: Specifically, yesterday morning, ten occupiers tried to capture the stronghold of the border guards who managed to repel the attack.

On Monday, 24 April in the morning, a unit of the border guards engaged the invaders in a fight for a position in an urban area of Bakhmut. Ten Russians attempted to take it by storm. The border guards launched dense attacks on them using small arms and repelled the attacks in a close-in fight.

In another defence sector of the city, a mortar unit of the border guards prevented the attack of the occupying forces. A sudden attack struck a Russian infantry group as they were moving towards the collision line. A few high-explosive fragmentation mines exploded near the occupiers, injuring most of them. So the assault attempt failed before it even started.


In total, the border guard units neutralised 10 soldiers: 1 occupier was killed and 9 more were injured.

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