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Denmark's Caesar self-propelled howitzers arrive in Ukraine

Friday, 28 April 2023, 21:22
Denmark's Caesar self-propelled howitzers arrive in Ukraine

Oleksii Reznikov, Defence Minister of Ukraine, has announced the arrival of French-made Caesar self-propelled artillery systems provided by Denmark in Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda

Quote: "CAESARs from Denmark are in Ukraine," Reznikov twitted, thanking the people of Denmark, its Ministry of Defense, and partners in France.


Quote: "Denmark had intended to use these systems for its army, but wisely and nobly decided to transfer them to the Ukrainian Army due to the significant threat that russian aggression against Ukraine poses to Europe as a whole," Reznikov wrote.

Also, he reminded, Danish friends participate in organising the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Quote: "Our artillerymen appreciate the manoeuvrability and accuracy of these howitzers.  Ukraine now has the world's second-largest CAESARs artillery park, thanks to our partners in France and Denmark," the Minister of Defense noted.

In January, the Danish government, with the support of the parliament, decided to give all 19 Caesar artillery systems it had ordered from France to Ukraine. In addition to the equipment itself, the Danish side also promised training for the Ukrainian military.

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