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Aircraft crash in Bryansk Oblast: Russians want to imprison Ukrainian civilian pilot

Friday, 7 April 2023, 15:39
Aircraft crash in Bryansk Oblast: Russians want to imprison Ukrainian civilian pilot

The Russian occupiers accuse a Ukrainian pilot, whose aircraft crashed in Bryansk Oblast on 6 April, of illegally crossing the border.

Source: Kremlin-aligned media TASS, Latvia-based Russian media Meduza

Details: Russian border guards reported that they detained the pilot whose light aircraft crashed in Bryansk Oblast near the border on 5 April.


Telegram channels posted a video of the interrogation of the man who was allegedly piloting the aircraft.

He identified himself as civilian pilot Oleksandr Morozov and stated that he was performing an aerial photography mission.

According to the detained man, he had to fly behind another plane at a low altitude and take pictures at the request of the presenter, for which he was to be paid UAH 50,000 hryvnias (USD 1,359 dollars).

He stated he did not know that he was over the territory of the Russian Federation – according to him, he was supposed to fly over Ukraine "to the south", and after take-off, his tablet turned off and he was unaware of his coordinates.

The National Guard of Russia also stated that the man had a weapon and a bulletproof vest with him.

The man confirmed that the bulletproof vest and machine gun belonged to him, and added that he had received them before the flight, "for safety."

The date and location of the video shooting have not been confirmed. It was also not published on the official resources of the Russian Border Service and other law enforcement agencies.

Later, Russian Telegram channels began to claim that two aerial bombs were dropped on the premises of the Slava plant of Rosrezerv state-run company before the accident in Bryansk Oblast. Allegedly, there were two sports planes and they flew in pairs. The pilot, who was detained, touched power lines and landed in the Klintsy district.

In 2018, Nastoyashcheye Vremya (Current Time, a Russian media outlet) wrote about the Ukrainian pilot named Oleksandr Morozov. He learned to fly at the age of 50.

Ukraine did not comment on reports of the aircraft crash.

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