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Occupiers to replenish Black Sea Fleet with missile boats armed with Kalibr missiles

Friday, 12 May 2023, 11:46
Occupiers to replenish Black Sea Fleet with missile boats armed with Kalibr missiles

Viktor Sokolov, the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, has said that in 2023, the composition of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation would be replenished with three small missile boats of the Karakurt series; each of these can carry 8 Kalibr cruise missiles.

Source: Kryminform news agency, citing Sokolov's interview with Krasnaya Zvezda outlet

Quote from Sokolov: "In 2023, the fleet plans to receive three of the newest missile cutters of the Karakurt series, armed with high-precision missile weapons, as well as a new patrol ship."


Details: Missile cutters of the Karakurt series are 67 metres long and 11 metres wide; they have a draft of 4 m, a displacement of about 800 tonnes and a sailing range of up to 2,500 miles. They can operate autonomously for 15 days.

The Karakurt's main armament includes one 3S14 RK missile launcher with 8 Kalibr missiles, one 76-mm AK-176MA artillery system, a Pantsyr-M anti-aircraft missile system, and two machine guns.

In July 2021, the first boat from the Karakurt series was launched for the first time in Crimea, at the shipyard in Kerch.


In the interview, Sokolov also singled out Su-30SM fighter jets of the Black Sea Fleet of as "the most effective weapons".

Quote: "These combat vehicles belong to the 4+ generation and are designed to attack air, surface and ground targets, including infrastructure objects covered by air defence systems…

The greatest effectiveness of the Su-30SM was achieved by the use of Kh-31 supersonic anti-ship missiles, which, in combination with the high speed and excellent manoeuvrability of this missile, made it possible to overcome anti-aircraft defences and hit surface targets of the enemy while being deployed at the base points", Sokolov said.

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