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Zelenskyy offers help to Canada: We must take care of each other

Saturday, 10 June 2023, 19:53
Zelenskyy offers help to Canada: We must take care of each other

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy offers Canada help in overcoming the consequences of large-scale forest fires.

Source: the President's evening address

Quote: "The consequences of the Russian terrorist attack on the Kakhovka HPP were discussed in detail. Canada is among those who can help us recover from this disaster. We understand each other in the steps that are needed. And they are needed very quickly.


Of course, we will not stay away from the disaster Canada is facing now.

Massive wildfires, colossal environmental losses, and threats to people... Ukraine is ready to help extinguish fires if Canada needs such international assistance."

Details: Zelensky emphasised that for Ukraine, the meaning for international relations is precisely that "we should always take care of each other when support is needed, and really help [each other]."

"I am sure it will become a global principle. Mutual action, mutual support, mutual strength," he added.

Background: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Kyiv on Saturday that Canada would participate in a multinational effort to train Ukrainian fighter pilots and provide Kyiv with a new military aid package worth 500 million Canadian dollars (US$370 million).

He also announced the provision of 10 million Canadian dollars to help flood victims after the blowing up of the Kakhovka HPP.

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