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Russians show damaged military equipment numerous times – Austin on Ukraine's losses

Thursday, 15 June 2023, 18:36

Lloyd Austin, the head of the Pentagon, has admitted that Ukraine is suffering losses in military equipment on the battlefield during the counteroffensive, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough equipment to continue fighting.

Source: Austin at the press conference on 15 June following the Ramstein meeting, as reported by a European Pravda correspondent from Brussels

Quote: "This is war. We know that military equipment of both sides will be damaged on the battlefield. What is important is that the Ukrainians have the opportunity to repair damaged equipment, where it is possible, and bring it back to the battlefield," Austin stated.


Details: Austin stressed that the capability of Ukraine’s allies to continue armament supply is vital.

"Military equipment will continue to be damaged on the battlefield. I think the Russians showed us the same five means of transportation a thousand times from 10 different angles. But, frankly, the Ukrainians still have a lot of combat power," Austin added.

Background: Earlier, taking into account the first losses within the course of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Andrii Melnyk, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, requested more German-made tanks.

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