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Member of Ukrainian parliament leaves Ukraine for third time since Russia’s full-scale invasion

Friday, 2 June 2023, 19:45
Member of Ukrainian parliament leaves Ukraine for third time since Russia’s full-scale invasion
Vadym Stolar. Photo: Facebook

Vadym Stolar, member of the Ukrainian parliament from the banned Opposition Platform For Life [a pro-Russian and Eurosceptic political party – ed.] and a famous Kyiv developer, has once again left Ukraine, only three days after returning to the country from his latest trip.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda, based on information from sources in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Details: Stolar left the country on 1 June.


According to information obtained by Ukrainska Pravda, Stolar came back to Ukraine in early 2023, almost a year after leaving the country for the first time, to attend a parliamentary session, as his parliamentary mandate was under threat. He attempted to leave the country soon after, but was not able to. He remained in Ukraine between January and April of this year.

In April, Stolar was able to leave Ukraine again. He travelled to his property on the French Riviera, shown in the photo below, and to Dubai, where he has registered as a resident.


Below are the details of Stolar’s travels:

  • Left Ukraine on 3 April 2023;
  • Came back on 1 May 2023;
  • Left again on 7 May 2023;
  • Came back on 27 May 2023;
  • Left again on 1 June 2023.

Ukrainska Pravda also found that Stolar’s staff in Nice, France, have replaced his car’s Ukrainian registration plate with a European one.


Stolar said the explanation was simple: his family lives in Monaco, where his children also go to school. He does not think there is anything wrong with his behaviour, since he and his wife "are paying for this school with their own money and declaring this in accordance with the law".

Stolar admitted that he frequently leaves Ukraine, but stated that his travels were "entirely legal and official". He explained that on 1 June he left Ukraine "on an official business trip to the French Senate", and said he was currently in France and had already visited his wife and children in Monaco and celebrated his daughter’s 16th birthday with her.

Previously: Ukrainska Pravda has published part three of its Monaco Battalion investigation, which revealed that Stolar was spending time on the French Riviera.

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