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Head of President's Office hopes Ukraine will receive security guarantees by next NATO summit

Wednesday, 12 July 2023, 16:12

Andrii Yermak, Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine, believes that security guarantees from Ukraine’s Western partners will be provided soon, by spring 2024, but not at the ongoing NATO summit in Vilnius.

Source: Yermak at an expert forum on the sidelines of the NATO summit, as reported by European Pravda’s correspondent

Yermak was replying to a question about Ukraine’s plans for the time period before the next NATO summit, set to be held in April 2024. He stated that first and foremost Ukraine expects victory: "I hope we will have won the war by then. It will be hugely significant both for us and for the whole world."


"Of course we will receive security guarantees before the Washington summit," he added.

Officials have previously stated that security guarantees for Ukraine would be agreed and signed off on at the Vilnius summit. Yet only a framework document will be signed in Vilnius, which has to be filled with content – the declaration on security guarantees.

However, the UK government says even this framework declaration is "historic".


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