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The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Kakhovka HPP reconstruction project on an experimental basis

Tuesday, 18 July 2023, 17:09

The Cabinet of Ministers wants to rebuild the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant in two years, despite the fact that earlier experts said that the minimum term for reconstruction would be 5-7 years.

Source: Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who announced the decision.

Quote: "Today, the Government approved a resolution on an experimental project to start the reconstruction of the Kakhovka HPP, which the Russians blew up. The project is designed to be completed in two years," the head of the government said.


According to him, the first stage will be designing the engineering structures, and then the necessary foundation for restoration will be prepared.

The second stage will begin after the de-occupation of the territories where the HPP is located, and will involve the actual construction work.

The Ministry of the Economy will coordinate the project, with the client being the state-owned Ukrhydroenergo. 

Ukrhydroenergo, which previously set out completely different terms for the reconstruction of the Kakhovka HPP, merely reprinted Denys Shmyhal's message.

A reminder:

The Kakhovka HPP is completely destroyed and cannot be restored.

Reconstruction of the Kakhovka HPP will take at least seven years. It will take several years for the actual reconstruction of the hydroelectric power station, and 2-3 years will be needed for the water to fill the dam. After that, it will still take time to repair and restore the canals and irrigation systems that were built in the 1970-1990s. This was previously stated by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, which made its assessment by particularly taking into account the need to fill the Kakhovka reservoir.

The reconstruction itself, as told by Ukrhydroenergo, will take at least 5 years as it is a complex hydroelectric unit.

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