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Zelenskyy in public spat about the war with Bulgaria's pro-Russian president

Thursday, 6 July 2023, 19:39
Zelenskyy in public spat about the war with Bulgaria's pro-Russian president

During his visit to Sofia on Thursday, 6 July, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had an argument with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev about military aid for Ukraine and criticised Radev’s pro-Russian stance. The argument was captured on camera and broadcast on TV.

Source: Politico

Details: During the meeting of the Ukrainian and Bulgarian delegations, Radev said that there was "no military solution to this conflict" and that "more and more weapons hardly lead to that solution". Zelenskyy responded by asking what Radev would do if Russia invaded Bulgaria.


"Would you say: Putin, please grab Bulgarian territory? No, you, as a real president, I am sure you would not allow a compromise with your independence. It is your right not to support aid to Ukraine. But I would really like you to understand me correctly," Zelenskyy said.

Zelenskyy criticised Radev for using "conflict" rather than "war" to describe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and brushed aside Radev’s suggestion of a diplomatic fix, explaining that military aid for Kyiv is a way for other countries, including Bulgaria, to ensure that "war does not come to you".

"Ukraine and NATO should have shared values. It can’t be otherwise. You cannot support Russia and support a balancing position, because Russia wants to destroy NATO, wants to destroy Europe and the European Union; these are their goals. Do you get me?" Zelenskyy said.

Radev, who, according to Politico, was visibly distressed during the meeting with Zelenskyy, finally asked the TV cameras to depart before discussing a "proposal" he said he had for the Ukrainian President.  


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