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Crimean railway employees involved in spying on passengers

Friday, 18 August 2023, 21:43
Crimean railway employees involved in spying on passengers

In occupied Crimea, the Federal Security Service of Russia has ordered employees of the illegally created Crimean Railway to listen in to passengers’ conversations and peek at their phone screens.

Source: Atesh, a military resistance movement in the occupied territories of Ukraine, on Telegram

Details: An agent of the Atesh movement reported that the Federal Security Service officers gave certain instructions to the personnel in the Crimean Railway administration. They called on railway workers to be vigilant and report pro-Ukrainian sentiments and statements.

Russian special services have allegedly arrested people due to signals from conductors working on trains.

According to the information of the members of the resistance movement, in addition to video recording, conversations are being audio recorded at stations and in trains.

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