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National Guard soldiers advance 650 metres into Russian positions

Thursday, 3 August 2023, 13:33
National Guard soldiers advance 650 metres into Russian positions
stock photo: National Guard of Ukraine

On the Melitopol front, National Guard soldiers, as part of the attack force of the Ukrainian Defence Forces, are continuing their successful offensive operations and are moving forward.

Source: Colonel Mykola Urshalovych during a briefing in Military Media Center

Quote: "During offensive operations, units of one of the National Guard operational brigades advanced up to 650 metres into Russian defence positions and 1,500 metres along the front, and consolidated their positions."

Details: Urshalovych also said that the Offensive Guard soldiers are already performing tasks at the front. 

National Guard units Burevii (Hurricane) and Rubizh (Frontier), are now conducting defensive operations on the eastern borders of Ukraine, and units from the Sparta, Kara-Dag and Chervona Kalyna (Red Viburnum) brigades are already successfully participating in the Defence Forces’ offensive actions on the southern front.

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