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Russians concentrate most efforts on Kupiansk front

Friday, 4 August 2023, 23:36
Russians concentrate most efforts on Kupiansk front

Hanna Maliar, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defence, has reported that as of now the Russians have concentrated most of their forces on the Kupiansk front.

Source: Maliar during the 24/7 national joint newscast

Quote: "The biggest number of their forces is concentrated on the Kupiansk front at the moment. And they, by the way, have set the goal of re-occupying the territories we had liberated last autumn. It is important for them both from a morale and a military point of view."

Details: Maliar added that the Russians are also deploying a huge number of troops to the Bakhmut front: "We have always talked about advancing on the flanks around [the city of] Bakhmut as it was important for us to reach dominant heights. We are also slowly but at the same time persistently and confidently advancing along the southern flank."

Meanwhile, the Russians are attacking on the northern flank and trying to take over the heights that have been reached by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Maliar added that heavy fighting is ongoing there.

When asked about nighttime explosions in occupied Crimea near the settlement of Feodosia, Maliar stated that the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine are monitoring the situation in the temporarily occupied territories: "The instability in these territories is predictable as the war is ongoing, and our strategic plans are to liberate all our territories."

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