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Putin suddenly claims that Russia should not "harm interests of other peoples"

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 17:40
Putin suddenly claims that Russia should not harm interests of other peoples
VLADIMIR PUTIN. Photo: Getty Images

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who has instigated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, now claims that harming the interests of other peoples as part of foreign policy is "not right".

Source: European Pravda with reference to Reuters

Details: "It was a mistake," Putin said, answering a question about Russia being perceived as a colonial power because of Moscow's decision to send tanks to Budapest in 1956 and to Prague in 1968.


Quote: "It is not right to do anything in foreign policy that harms the interests of other peoples," said Putin, who sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine in 2022, triggering the biggest land war in Europe since World War II.

According to Putin, the United States has "no friends, only interests", which is the same mistake the Soviet Union made.

"The 1956 Hungarian Uprising was crushed by Soviet tanks and troops. At least 2,600 Hungarians and 600 Soviet troops were killed in the fighting.

The 1968 Prague Spring was ended when Soviet-led Warsaw Pact forces invaded the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Around 137 Czechs and Slovaks died as a result of the invasion, according to Czech historians," Reuters writes.

Earlier it was revealed that in a history textbook for 11th graders, officially approved for use in the Russian Federation, participants in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution are called fascists and "rebel radicals" who fought against Soviet monuments.

"The Hungarian crisis was triggered by the actions of the West's secret services and the internal opposition they supported," says the "history textbook", additionally criticising the Hungarians for "deciding to abandon Stalin's legacy".

Asked what the Hungarian government thinks of the distortion of historical events in a textbook officially approved for use in Russia, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said that "There are issues in Hungarian history on which we won't even start a debate with anyone.

The history of Hungary, the Hungarian people and their desire for freedom must be respected by all. 1956, the revolution of that year, is one of the most glorious moments in Hungarian history, when the Hungarian people laid down their lives for their own freedom and sovereignty of their country."

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