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More than half of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia have faced aggression

Monday, 25 September 2023, 08:50

Over half of the Ukrainian refugees have experienced aggression in Czechia because of their Ukrainian origin.

Source: Czech news portal with reference to a survey by research agency PAQ Research, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The survey results noted that 57% of respondents said they faced verbal aggression because of their Ukrainian origin, and 5% said that they had been physically attacked.


The survey participants were asked to answer the question, "Have you or any of your family members faced verbal/physical attacks during your stay in Czechia because you are from Ukraine?".

The results indicated Ukrainians under 40 are much more likely to be verbally attacked (62%) because of their origin than older people (30%). At the same time, women face aggression more often than men.

Meanwhile, 67% of Ukrainian employees in the service sector faced verbal attacks.

Fourteen percent of Ukrainian refugees who are single parents with two or more children faced physical violence because of their origin, and this raised alarm bells for the authors of the survey.

"In this case, this often involves physical attacks between children. However, only 6% of respondents reported such experiences in families with two parents and several children," the report stated.

Previously: The Czech government plans to extend the protection status for Ukrainian refugees until the end of March 2025.

Czechia tightened the conditions for assistance to Ukrainian refugees to save budget costs.

Background: European governments have allocated over €43 billion to provide shelter for Ukrainians who became refugees due to the war unleashed by Russia.

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