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Delay in US aid could pause Ukraine's offensive

Thursday, 12 October 2023, 10:33
Delay in US aid could pause Ukraine's offensive

Even a temporary pause in US aid supplies could put Ukraine's offensive on hold and allow Russian troops to regain their combat capability. 

Source: Financial Times

Quote from the Financial Times: "Even a temporary pause in its support could start to impinge on Kyiv’s war strategy and tactics within weeks, analysts say, potentially curtailing Ukraine’s grinding counteroffensive, relieving the pressure on Russian forces and giving them the opportunity to reconstitute their combat power."


Details: The Financial Times stated that Volodymyr Zelenskyy's appearance at a NATO meeting on Wednesday to ask for more weapons for Ukraine underscored Kyiv's concern about declining allied support due to Republican opposition in Washington and the distraction of Israel's war against Hamas.

The United States has played a vital role in rapidly supplying Ukraine with modern weapons, including artillery ammunition and air defence assets.

Nevertheless, the Financial Times noted that the Biden administration has pledged to support Kyiv for as long as it takes. Broad bipartisan support, with the exception of a small but powerful opposing bloc in the Congress, is expected to eventually speed up aid delivery. 

But even a few weeks of delay could have an impact on the counteroffensive, the FT wrote.

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  • Earlier, it was reported that the White House is considering combining funding for Ukraine and Israel into one request to Congress, hoping that this will increase the chances of approval of assistance to Kyiv.
  • Some Republicans in the US House of Representatives have spoken out against the idea.
  • On 11 October, it was reported that the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary armaments without interruption. Lloyd Austin, the United States Secretary of Defence, stated this at a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Brussels.
  • Confidence in US support has been shaken by the exclusion of funding for Ukraine from the temporary budget of the US federal government, as well as the blocking of the decision-making process in Congress after the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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