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A father who tried to resuscitate his son: the residents of a Zaporizhzhia apartment block destroyed by a Russian missile

Wednesday, 18 October 2023, 18:28
A father who tried to resuscitate his son: the residents of a Zaporizhzhia apartment block destroyed by a Russian missile
Photo: the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

On the night of 17-18 October, the Russians launched six missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia. Two people are known to have been killed, three were injured, and three are missing.  

Source: Stanislav Stoikov, an activist from Zaporizhzhia, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia (Life)

Details: Stoikov said that 30 high-rise buildings and 11 family homes were destroyed in the city, as well as several medical and educational institutions.


However, it was a multi-storey building in the centre that suffered the most damage.

"Two floors have been completely destroyed; there were a couple of apartments and a crosspiece between them. There is nothing there now; a missile hit the wall and the two partitions were ground into dust," Stanislav said.

Photo: Yuliia Pavlova

Residents of the building said on social media that a young man named Danylo had died in one of the apartments. His father tried to resuscitate him, but could not.

Danylo's wife Diana is currently being searched for, her neighbour Olena Pavlova-Deryvedmid said. Diana is somewhere under the rubble, which is still being sorted. Danylo's mother is in intensive care. The young couple recently got married and lived with Danylo's parents.

A neighbour of the family told the media outlet Suspilne that he had woken up from the impact and his wife's screams. He said her legs were covered in glass and he brushed it off, wounding his hands.

Vladyslava, another resident of the damaged building, said that they went into the corridor after the first explosion and ran to the shelter after the second one.

"We heard the windows shattering. We were terrified. We ran out into the yard in our pyjamas and ran through the rubble to the basement where the shelter was. We stayed there for a while," she said.

Oleksii Klymenko, who also lived in the building, said that the window frames, balconies, and front and internal doors of his apartment had been smashed and furniture thrown down.

Photo: Oleksii Davydenko

"We started cleaning up. I went down to the yard, and my wife was cleaning. We covered up the windows in the apartment somehow. We went out into the yard and were told to pack up our things. We took the most essential items," Oleksii says.

Yelyzaveta, a resident of Zaporizhzhia, wrote on social media that her family had been miraculously saved from their ruined apartment. She said that just one room had survived: the one where the family slept.

"We’re alive, although there’s nothing left of our apartment. We had such a beautiful building, with friendly people. Some of our neighbours are dead, and people are still being searched for, and I don't know how to go on living," Yelyzaveta wrote.

Photo: The National Police of Ukraine

Oleksii Davydenko, who owns Medtechnika, a chain of shops that sell medical equipment, opened a shop on the ground floor of the destroyed building a month ago.

"Tonight, an enemy S-300 destroyed a huge residential building, including our first shop," he said.

The businessman says he had already lost shops in Mariupol, Kharkiv and Kherson in the early months of the war.

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