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War in Israel will not limit support for Ukraine – German Defence Minister

Friday, 20 October 2023, 18:11

Boris Pistorius, German Defence Minister, has clarified that the current escalation in the Middle East after the attack on Israel by the radical Islamist group Hamas will not limit German support for Ukraine.

Source: Boris Pistorius in an interview with Handelsblatt; European Pravda

Quote: "I don't see any competition between countries for military equipment," Boris Pistorius said.


Details: Boris Pistorius also noted that Israel is "very well-equipped". In addition, according to Boris Pistorius, Ukraine and Israel face very different opponents and, therefore, have different military needs.

The minister once again stressed that Germany is now the second-largest supplier of weapons to Ukraine after the United States, and this support will continue.

"We are preparing for the long war," Boris Pistorius said.


"We will not tell Ukrainians when to sit at the negotiating table. It is up to Ukraine to decide. Russia does not show that it is ready for negotiations," Boris Pistorius stressed.


  • The media reported that the German federal government wants to prioritise arms exports to Israel after the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October.
  • Martin Jäger, German Ambassador to Ukraine said in an interview with European Pravda that the government in Berlin would not supply Kyiv with long-range Taurus missiles.

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