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German tabloid claims Germany's budget is €5 billion short for military aid for Ukraine

Sunday, 22 October 2023, 20:36
German tabloid claims Germany's budget is €5 billion short for military aid for Ukraine
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The German Ministry of Defence is concerned, as the country’s 2024 budget is over €5 billion short for military aid to Ukraine.

Source: German tabloid Bild, citing a confidential Defence Ministry memo, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Bild explained that military support for Ukraine is paid for with funds from the "general financial management" budget, which has €4 billion designated to help Ukraine in 2024.


Around €3.1 billion of this is designated for previously promised assistance, and €770 million is earmarked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the assistance it provides, leaving only €120 million for new military projects in 2024.

The German Ministry of Defence, however, estimates Ukraine’s needs to be much higher. Kyiv expects additional support from Germany worth €5.2 billion to enable Ukraine to resist Russian aggression.

The German Defence Ministry estimates that €880 million should be allocated for air defence, €675 million for armoured combat vehicles, €390 million for engineering projects, €935 million for protective equipment, and €2.3 billion for repairs, spare parts, and logistics.

The 2024 German budget fails to include €525 million needed to replace the Bundeswehr equipment transferred to Ukraine.

The budget for 2024 will be finalised in mid-November. Negotiations will continue until then.

"We must keep our word. We should not run out of money when it comes to helping Ukraine next year. Finance Minister Lindner has to provide billions in aid to Ukraine before the budget is finalised. Ukraine should be able to rely on Germany’s promises," said Andreas Schwarz, a member of the ruling Social Democratic Party responsible for the defence budget in the budget committee.


  • On Friday, 20 October, the German government reported on the shipment of another package of military aid to Ukraine over the past week, which included Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, drones and heavy trucks.
  • German Finance Minister Christian Lindner announced during his visit to Kyiv in August the German government’s intention to provide Ukraine with €5 billion in military aid annually until 2027.

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