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Ministry of Youth demands FIFA and UEFA cancel decision on admission of Russians to competition

Thursday, 5 October 2023, 13:43
Ministry of Youth demands FIFA and UEFA cancel decision on admission of Russians to competition

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine calls on FIFA and UEFA to cancel the decision on the admission of Russians to international competitions. 

Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine 

Quote: "We demand to review of the FIFA and UEFA decisions as infringing on the rights of Ukrainian children who have been deprived by [R]ussia of the right to train safely and simply live in their homeland without the threat of being kidnapped, raped or killed.


Ukraine called on all UEFA member associations to join the boycott of any matches with [R]ussia. Officially, the football associations of England, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Romania have already announced such a boycott. Several other countries, including Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Estonia, have said they are waiting for further explanations from UEFA.

We firmly believe that football should always promote peace, tolerance and justice, not encourage the continuation of war and promote impunity.

We call on FIFA and UEFA to stand up to the violence and aggression of the [R]ussian [F]ederation. We will firmly defend this position as long as [R]ussia is at war against Ukraine and until peace is restored on the European continent."

Details: The ministry emphasises that at least 19,000 children were abducted from Ukraine and taken to Russia. 

Russian troops destroyed 2,767 educational institutions in Ukraine. A total of 344 sports facilities were damaged, 95 of them were completely or partially destroyed by Russia. 

The Russians kill and kidnap Ukrainian children and destroy civil infrastructure, including stadiums and sports schools. 

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has killed 504 children and injured another 1,129. 

A total of 3,209 crimes committed by the Russian occupiers against children have already been documented, including 13 cases of sexual violence against minors.

The agency notes that despite these actions of the Russians, UEFA and FIFA are allowing Russian children to participate in the competition, making them think that their country has the right to kill others and is doing everything right.


  • On 26 September, at the meeting of the Executive Committee held in Limassol, Cyprus, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) decided to allow Russian teams to participate in international competitions in the U17 age category.

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