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US may offer Poland Iron Dome in exchange for Patriot for Ukraine – Politico

Saturday, 7 October 2023, 03:04
US may offer Poland Iron Dome in exchange for Patriot for Ukraine – Politico

The United States is considering the possibility of a three-way exchange, which provides for the transfer of the Iron Dome to Poland in exchange for Poland providing Ukraine with some Patriot systems.

Source: Politico, citing Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen

Details: As Politico reported, Hollen can offer a "workaround" to help Ukraine, which consists of a three-way exchange.


In particular, as Politico writes, Poland, as a NATO member, can receive the American Iron Dome systems and provide Ukraine with part of its Patriot air defence systems.

Politico notes that the need to consider the issue in this way arose after Israel rejected the request of Washington and Kyiv to provide the Iron Dome to Ukraine.

Previously: US President Joe Biden's administration is considering using a State Department grant programme to send additional military assistance to Ukraine.



  • Of the US$25.9 billion allocated by Congress to replenish the stockpile of weapons that were sent to Ukraine, US$1.6 billion remained.
  • In addition, the US has about US$5.4 billion left to supply weapons and equipment from its stockpiles. The US would have already exhausted these funds if the Pentagon had not realised at the beginning of the year that it had overestimated the equipment already sent.

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