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Pentagon to supply Ukraine with components for F-16 fighter jets

Friday, 17 November 2023, 18:27
Pentagon to supply Ukraine with components for F-16 fighter jets
F-16 fighter jet. Photo: Getty images

The Pentagon is already participating in the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets, and the US is also planning to supply Ukraine with the components for these aircraft.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the press service of the US Department of Defense

Details: The Pentagon noted that earlier the US Department of State had expressed its readiness to approve the supply of US-made F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine through third countries.


However, when Ukraine receives these fighter jets, the components will be needed to facilitate their technical maintenance and prolonging the flights, and the US is ready to do it, as William LaPlante, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, stated.

"Whatever we all deliver to the Ukrainians, provide 90 days of spares, please, please, that's the rule of thumb – 90 days of spares," he said.

LaPlante remarked that the F-16s can be put out of order in just a few months without the components, and the US will not let it happen.


The US and its partners, especially within the Ukraine’s Defence Contact Group, are working jointly so that Ukraine has everything it needs and is able to cover its needs in the long run.


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