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Ukrainian patrolmen rescue goat from under rubble near front line

Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 14:06

Ukrainian police officers patrolling the area saved a goat from under the rubble at the site of a Russian attack on the private sector of a frontline settlement. 

Source: This was reported by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs

Details: The Russians targeted one of Ukraine’s frontline cities. Patrolmen from a combined detachment immediately arrived at the scene of the attack.


Immediately they heard the sounds of an animal coming from the rubble and helped it get out.

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Quote: "A live goat! I was afraid that it was injured," said one of the law enforcement officers.


Fortunately, the owner of the house and the rest of his animals were not injured, but the house was raised to the ground.

In September, a Russian missile struck a residential area in the city of Sumy. Rescue workers saved two elderly people and a dog from under the rubble. However, a few days later the dog died.

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